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weheartit is actual GARBAGE

my graphics have ended up on that piece of shit website one time too many

which has led to people reposting them here on tumblr one time too many


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B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul 2014 Official Goods
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in the process of making a thing

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your drawing of bunnies look like hamsters with bunny ears and it's the most adorable thing ever Anonymous

i have created… bunsters

or hamny

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was bored so sketched the human ver of my 2 fav matoki

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Daehyun: Being in the snow with my lover like this immerses me in a special feeling, so I like it.

Youngjae: Jesus Christ, Daehyun shut the hell up

joining the special feeling bandwagon LOOOOL so for those of you who dunno, this is currently a huge meme in Japan based on this news interview thingy, where the guy gave the cheesiest interview ever and his girlfriend went all flustered and tsundere at the back. and i thought “Daehyun would totally say that on national TV” 

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oh look i finished it after all. and daehyun magically becomes taller sjhgfshdhfks LOLOLOL HE WISH

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I will most probably (a) never finish this in time for valentine’s, or (b) gets bored and give up entirely on finishing this piece.

therefore here you go.

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As expected of our Icon of Betrayal.

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I hope I wasn’t the only one who thought of that

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why the indefinite hiatus?? thebratfromeurope

Because of… things. Things happened. Stuff happened. So… yeah? c: Tho I’m no longer on hiatus, I’ll prolly won’t be active here as often

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sketches for the fairy tale thingy. prince jae & his bodyguard sir jung lol and there’s himchan the royal mage or smthn

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the art of deciding who tops who

bonus content:

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darkness overlord con artist level over 9000

{yj version}

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con artist level 9000

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