daejae + color palette meme

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yes hello please blame that volleyball anime for this

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well i havent been on here for a while.

(mainly because i couldnt log in and i thought HOLY FUCKS MY ACCOUNT IS HACKED when in reality i forgot i changed my email lel)

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in the process of making a thing

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your drawing of bunnies look like hamsters with bunny ears and it's the most adorable thing ever Anonymous

i have created… bunsters

or hamny

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was bored so sketched the human ver of my 2 fav matoki

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Daehyun: Being in the snow with my lover like this immerses me in a special feeling, so I like it.

Youngjae: Jesus Christ, Daehyun shut the hell up

joining the special feeling bandwagon LOOOOL so for those of you who dunno, this is currently a huge meme in Japan based on this news interview thingy, where the guy gave the cheesiest interview ever and his girlfriend went all flustered and tsundere at the back. and i thought “Daehyun would totally say that on national TV” 

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oh look i finished it after all. and daehyun magically becomes taller sjhgfshdhfks LOLOLOL HE WISH

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I will most probably (a) never finish this in time for valentine’s, or (b) gets bored and give up entirely on finishing this piece.

therefore here you go.

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As expected of our Icon of Betrayal.

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I hope I wasn’t the only one who thought of that

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why the indefinite hiatus?? pretty-meris

Because of… things. Things happened. Stuff happened. So… yeah? c: Tho I’m no longer on hiatus, I’ll prolly won’t be active here as often

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sketches for the fairy tale thingy. prince jae & his bodyguard sir jung lol and there’s himchan the royal mage or smthn

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the art of deciding who tops who

bonus content:

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darkness overlord con artist level over 9000

{yj version}

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ave yoo youngjae
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