“Ah, I’ll take a Caramel Macchiato. You can go outside already, I’ll come there in a bit.” Youngjae shot him a smile, one that had Junhong’s insides swirl as his heart started beating a tad faster. He let his hand slide in his back pocket to get his wallet. “Wait, I’ll give you money.”

Before he, however, could even pull out any, Youngjae had already wrapped his hand around his wrist and Junhong lifted his eyes to meet the other’s. “It’s okay. My treat.”

The younger boy blinked, his cheeks taking on a ruddy hue as he was once again met with the handsome smile that made the other’s eyes sparkle. He was simply in love with it and as much as he enjoyed teasing and taunting each other, he would never want to go without such moments.

So, Junhong nodded, a small smile tugging the corner of his lips upwards as he thanked his hyung and then headed out of the cafe. When he was outside, he lifted his hands to his cheeks and cooled them with his palms. After all, Youngjae always succeeded in making him feel like an idiot.

Et Cetera (by Sella-)

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